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Blancmange Cheyenne

Is the bitch Blancmange Cheyenne a purebred Greyhound or not?

To make it short: The bitch Blancmange Cheyenne is not a purebred Greyhound!

This statement is based on the following facts:


Blancmange Cheyenne mit Straight ahead Aponi, August 2014, Copyright Peter Guth

De : Berit Klausen []
> Envoyé : vendredi 17 avril 2015 13:47
> À : Anne Mary CHIMION
> Objet : Regarding breeder Ove Larsen and his greyhound litter born 21/2-2010


The Norwegian Veterinary Institute has now analyzed all the samples from the following dogs and this is the result of the DNA testing:

Sire: N03350/06 Jet’s Look On The Bright Side
Dam: LOF8227/1867 Venitian Night De Bleu Manoir


NO36583/12 Blancmange Crow – This male is likely the son of the above sire and dam and his predigree is correct.

NO36582/12 Blancmange Cree - This male cannot be the son of the above mentioned sire. He must be de-registered.

NO36585/12 Blancmange Cheyenne – This female cannot be the daughter of the above mentioned sire. She must be de-registered.

NO36584/12 Blancmange Comanche At Canoodles – This male cannot be the son of the above mentioned sire. He must be de-registered.

NO36581/12 Blancmange Cherokee – This male cannot be the son of the above mentioned sire. He must be de-registered.

See the attached official letter from the analysis (only in Norwegian).

The Norwegian Kennel club will now start the process to have the litter de-registered in our registry (except for the male Blancmange Crow who has the correct pedigree) and will contact the breeder Ove Larsen in order to have all the dogs’ papers returned to the NKK and destroyed. There will also be a disciplinary action against the breeder Ove Larsen.

Med vennlig hilsen

Saksbehandler/ Registreringsavdelingen
> mobil 21 600 900 kl. 08.00 - 15.00
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Besøksadresse: Nils Hansensvei 20, Bryn, Oslo.
> Postadresse: Postboks 163, Bryn, 0611 Oslo

Examinatin of the the DNA samples of the Blancmange C-litter revealed the following results:

Consequences for the breeder Mr. Larsen:

Consequences for the owners and possessors of the Blancmange C-litter-mixes:

  • The pedigrees issued for those dogs by the NKK have been deleted.
  • All titles the Blancmange C-crosses won on shows and coursings have been deprived by the respective clubs.
  • If Blancmange-crosses have been examined for breed certification or have a breed certificate, these certificates are invalid.
  • Luckily, for all I know, none of the Blancmange C-crosses has been bred.
  • All expenses for shows, coursings, breed certificates paid by the owners were "for the birds".
  • The owners and possessors of the Blancmange C-litter crosses have to cover all expenses for various tests related to the paternity verification.
  • The purchase price of Euro 1,970,00 per cross were and are "a bit over the top". Mr. Larsen made really good money with his cosses (4 crosses x Euro 1,970.00 = Euro 7,880.00).
  • The financial losses of the owners and possessors of the Blancmange C-crosses weigh heavy but even worse is the fact, that the crosses are not allowed to participate in "official" sighthound gatherings and are not eligible to breed.

And what do the breeder Mr. Larsen and the owner of the stud dog, Mrs. Mauer, have to say to this "calamity"?


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